Book cover for 'Crevice,' the first book in the Earth Hunters series by Janice Boekhoff. The cover shows a silhouette of a roaring dinosaur head on the left, with a man and a woman standing on the edge of a crevice under a starry purple sky. The full moon illuminates the scene. The title 'Crevice' appears in large, white, cursive font.

Have You Read the Wholesome Romantic Mystery, CREVICE? Janice Boekhoff’s ‘Earth Hunters’ Series Gets A New Look!

Book cover for 'Created,' the second book in the Earth Hunters series by Janice Boekhoff. The design features silhouettes of two people facing away from the viewer, standing amidst dense, dark foliage and a light turquoise background. The title 'Created' is written in large, white, stylized font

CREATED is a Romance Adventure Story that Blends Science and Faith—Janice Boekhoff’s ‘Earth Hunters’ Series Gets A New Look!

book cover featuring a background of flames with a dog tag and shell casing

I WILL RUIN YOU by Emilio Corsetti III Asks: Did the State of Kentucky Convict an Innocent Man?

front cover for 'The Gabardine Gang'

THE GABARDINE GANG: Power and Betrayal in Hartford’s Mob Scene by Kevin B. DiBacco is a Son’s Personal Account of Life within a Crime Family in the 1950s and ’60s

book cover featuring space scene

Tom Julian’s RUBICON: Book Two in the Spy-fi ‘Timberwolf’ Series is Out Now!

front cover for TIMBERWOLF by Tom Julian

Tom Julian’s TIMBERWOLF: Book One in the Spy-fi ‘Timberwolf’ Series is Out Now!

dirty white background, red and black text, and eyeglasses: book cover

BECOMING CLARK ROCKEFELLER by Frank C. Girardot Jr. Spans Three Decades of Intrigue and Unravels Two High-profile Crimes

Lawyer beind a desk and black and white image of her with convicted man

Author John Ferak Pens an Updated Epilogue for the WRECKING CREW 5th Anniversary, November 2023

book cover for THE DEAD SOUL by M. William Phelps

THE DEAD SOUL: A Thriller from New York Times Bestselling Author M. William Phelps

Book cover for 'Monsters on the Loose' by Richard L. Carrico

MONSTERS ON THE LOOSE: The True Story of Three Unsolved Murders in Prohibition Era San Diego by Richard L. Carrico Tells the Tragic Story of Three Cold Case Murders

front cover for MURDERERS' ROW volume four

WildBlue Press Presents MURDERERS’ ROW, Volume Four, a Collection of Three Best-selling True Crime Books from Burl Barer

front cover

Saddle Up for an Adventure with Jim Duke’s DANCES WITH DONKEYS, the Memoir of a Half-Assed Cowboy

book cover

GRIM PARADISE: The Cold Case Search for the Mackinac Island Killer by Rod Sadler

front cover featuring a rocket ship

From Laurie Winslow Sargent comes REAWAKENED WORLDS: Vintage Dystopian and Sci-fi Stories by a Master Storyteller, John Hayden Howard

book cover

BAD HENRY: The Murderous Rampage of ‘The Taco Bell Strangler’ by Ron Chepesiuk Offers Insights into the Psychology of a Killer and Sheds Light on Issues Related to Race and Policing

Meet Author Joan Renner, Los Angeles Crime Specialist

By Joan Renner | April 19, 2024

Hi. I’m Joan Renner, and I have a passion for true crime. I am an author, social historian, and TV commentator. My interest in true crime began in grammar school. I was 7 years old when I read about the kidnapping and murder of three boys near the Chicago suburb where I lived with my […]

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Joan Renner’s OF MOBSTERS AND MOVIE STARS: “The Bloody ‘Golden Age’ of Hollywood” Offers 37 Brilliantly Researched True Tales

By Stephanie Johnson Lawson | April 19, 2024

No Hollywood script can compare to the terror of the 37 true tales in OF MOBSTERS AND MOVIE STARS: The Bloody “Golden Age” of Hollywood! In this gripping historical account, expert crime historian Joan Renner explores the shadowy world of fame and crime during Hollywood’s most glamorous era. As Los Angeles transformed into the epicenter […]

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Book cover for "My Best and Last" by Jill Rice. The cover features a striking red background with the title in large white font. It includes images of tarot cards, the Three of Swords and The High Priestess, along with a pair of handcuffs and red crystal shards.

MY BEST AND LAST by Jill Rice is a Thrilling Tale of Mystery, Romance, and the Quest for Truth | Coming Spring 2024!

By Stephanie Johnson Lawson | April 16, 2024

COMING APRIL 23, 2024! “So, tell me, Detective. Do you kiss all your murder suspects?” She has no alibi, plenty of motive, and there’s DNA evidence linking her to the crime. In Jill Rice’s romantic suspense, tenured psychology professor and best-selling author Caroline ‘Cal’ Cassidy becomes the prime suspect in the brutal murder of her […]

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