A man, abused as a boy and suffering from PTSD, embarks on a quest for justice and healing by suing the prestigious boarding school where he suffered abuse years earlier... and by hunting pedophiles.

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As two violent felons drove around on a crime spree, Ann Harrison walked out her front door to wait for the school bus. Ten minutes later, Ann disappeared.

By the Side of the Road is the true story of the kidnapping and murder of a 15-year-old girl and the family that waited 26 years to see her killers brought to justice in Missouri’s death chamber.

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A kidnapping turns into lynching and murder as two cops try to rescue a missing pot bandit and the author describes an undercover life on the edge.

In 1979, 16 year old Brenda Spencer made history by becoming the first modern school shooter. This is the true untold story of I Don’t Like Mondays.

After he gets out, Hardy returns to Brooklyn, tries to go straight, but drifts back into a world of crime. He gets Sammy “the Bull” Gravano to join his crew to pull major heists like kidnapping drug lords for million-dollar ransoms, and robbing cop bag men. To evade the law, he goes to Europe and ends up in Israel where he works on a Kibbutz, touching the hem of his Jewish heritage.

Jerry Marcus fooled them all. He was “a nice guy,” always helped at home, did well in school, an athlete, and always employed. When things went wrong, he was the first to help clean up the mess. He was the last person anyone suspected of being a serial killer.

After Marcus was caught and sentenced to life in prison in the late ’70s, author Linda Lou Long spent years corresponding with him. The Tuskegee Strangler gives an inside look into the workings of a man who is not your typical serial killer.