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WildBlue Press True Crime Originals


Dixie's Last Stand Cover



Was It Murder Or Self-Defense?

By John Ferak

Dixie Shanahan had a terribly troubled and abusive marriage in the sleepy little town of Defiance, Iowa. Then one summer day in 2002, Dixie’s mean and wicked husband was gone. Some of the local residents presumed that Scott packed his bags and left town. But others were skeptical. After all, Scott’s brown Ford pick-up truck was still parked in his driveway. The disappearance mystified Defiance for more than a year. Then in late October, 2003, the truth emerged … or did it? From the author of BLOODY LIES comes an engrossing tale of domestic violence and murder in the heartland.



VAMPIRE by Kevin Sullivan


The Richard Chase Murders

By Kevin Sullivan

New, from the bestselling author of THE BUNDY MURDERS, comes VAMPIRE: THE RICHARD CHASE MURDERS, the tale of a diabolical, homicidal madman running amok, mutilating and murdering the unsuspecting residents in the quiet neighborhoods of Sacramento, CA. His diabolical and unrelenting desires, not just to kill his victims but to drink their blood, unleashed a terror within the city unlike anything the residents had ever known.

Buy BOGEYMAN by Steve Jackson starting August 5

BOGEYMAN by Steve Jackson


He Was Every Parent’s Nightmare
By Steve Jackson

New from NYTimes bestselling author Steve Jackson comes BOGEYMAN, the inspirational true crime story describing in dramatic detail the efforts of tenacious Texas lawmen to solve the cold case murders of three little girls and hold their killer accountable for his horrific crimes. The story begins in 1985 when little Christie Meeks is abducted by a stranger from outside of her mother’s apartment in Mesquite, Texas and doesn’t come to its dramatic conclusion until 2004. This incredible police procedural does not dwell on the details of what happened to the little girls, but rather concentrates on the dedicated efforts of police detectives in Texas and Indiana to make sure serial child killer David Elliott Penton never stalks children again.

WildBlue Press Mystery and Thriller Classics

DEADLINE-Ron Franscell-Front Cover Proof1THE DEADLINE

By Ron Franscell

A dying convict’s last request thrusts Jefferson Morgan, a small-town newspaperman into a deadly maelstrom as he explores a fifty-year-old case of child murder – a wound this town still isn’t ready to re-open. Amid threats from unexpected foes and under the most important deadline of his life, Morgan struggles with his own conscience to dig deep into the town’s past, tell the truth no matter the consequences, and unveil a killer who managed to remain unmasked for almost 50 years. Bestselling true crime author Ron Franscell began his book writing career with this outstanding work of fiction, which he followed up with a sequel, THE OBITUARY.

KindleReady_coverNAKED ADDICTION

By Caitlin Rother

Tired of working undercover narcotics, police detective Ken Goode wants a transfer to homicide. After the Camus-reading surfer finds the body of a beautiful woman in an alley, he is assigned to head a team of relief detectives with the hopes of proving he is homicide-worthy. As Goode explores the underbelly of the affluent coastal enclave of La Jolla, California, and its hipster neighbor, Pacific Beach, he clashes with the patrons and employees of a neighborhood bar: real estate agents and beauty school students who have possible ties to an escort service and a drug ring – and keep turning up dead. The untimely disappearance of Goode’s sister proves a worrisome distraction as he chases suspects and a dogged cub reporter chases him. In this intricately-layered plot, Rother’s characters use substances or other people to try to fill the empty spaces within themselves, with addictions ranging from sex, alcohol, cocaine and cigarettes to Goode’s own, caffeine and damaged women.

THE OBITUARY - A Jefferson Morgan Mystery by Ron Franscell

THE OBITUARY – A Jefferson Morgan Mystery by Ron Franscell


By Ron Franscell
Available for Pre-Order Now!

When a world-renowned forensic anthropologist journeys to Winchester, Wyoming, to examine the long-dead remains of a woman who claimed to be Etta Place — the Old West’s most mysterious and legendary female outlaw — he’s not expecting to find a man’s headless corpse in her crypt. The grisly discovery plunges him and Jefferson Morgan — the editor of the weekly Winchester Bullet — into a shadowy and deadly world of satellite-savvy highway pirates, rural meth labs, computer hackers and old-fashioned corruption. And they might not survive the fall. In this sequel to his dynamic first novel, THE DEADLINE, bestselling author Franscell takes readers on another wild ride with protagonist Jefferson Morgan.

WildBlue Press True Crime Classics

Burl Barer - Man Overboard

MAN OVERBOARD by Burl Barer – Available September 17, 2014


The Counterfeit Resurrection of Phil Champagne
By Burl Barer

After a boating accident in 1982, Phil Champagne is assumed dead until 1992 when he is arrested for printing counterfeit U.S. currency in an Idaho shed. He also has a fraudulently obtained passport, and a fabricated Cayman Island driver’s license. He says that he didn’t fake his death but just didn’t tell anyone he was alive. A mind boggling blend of fraud, deception, trickery, lies and fine-prime-rib, MAN OVERBOARD by Edgar Award-winning author Burl Barer, was nominated “Best True Crime Book of the Year” by the World Mystery Convention.

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