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Romance Authors Wanted

WildBlue Press is thrilled to announce that we’re now accepting romance submissions!

Call for Romance Submissions

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Who Should Submit?

  • Literary Agents Specializing in Romance: If you manage authors with engaging, well-crafted romance stories, consider submitting their work to our press.
  • First-Time Authors: If you have a polished romance manuscript that is ready to enchant readers, we invite you to submit your work.
  • Experienced Romance Authors: If you have a proven track record of captivating readers with your romantic stories, we would love to see your new or previously published works, provided you hold the rights. Share your expertise and mastery in the romance genre with us.


What We Are Looking For

We seek romance manuscripts ranging from 60,000 to 70,000 words across various subgenres. The suggested word counts are general guidelines. Submissions with more or less than this will have to be cleared with WildBlue Press management.

We are particularly interested in innovative works that push genre boundaries, including LGBTQ+ narratives that explore diverse identities and relationships. Whether your story is set in contemporary settings, blends sci-fi elements, weaves magic, or mixes romance with suspense, we're eager to see what you have to offer.

Our Definitions

  • Contemporary Romance: Modern-day settings with stories that mirror current societal dynamics.
  • Science Fiction Romance: Stories fusing futuristic or sci-fi elements with central romantic themes.
  • Fantasy Romance: Incorporating magical or mythical elements into romantic storylines.
  • Romantic Suspense: A blend of suspense, thriller, or mystery elements with a central romantic narrative.


Transparent Publishing Agreement: Our publishing agreement is thoroughly transparent and has undergone meticulous review by over 200 industry experts, including agents, attorneys, and fellow authors, ensuring clarity and fairness for our authors.

No out-of-pocket expenses for authors: Our low production costs are shared between the author and WildBlue Press but come entirely from royalties post-publication.

High Royalty Percentages: We offer royalty rates that consistently meet or exceed those provided by traditional publishers and other indie publishers. We commence issuing royalty reports six months after publication and initiate royalty payments at that point.

Massive Distribution: Our print, eBooks, and audiobooks are distributed by stalwarts in the industry who place the products in all major retailers and run constant promos for them.

Quality-Centric Approach: We prioritize the quality of the end product, meticulously overseeing every step of the publishing process. Our award-winning team offers professional book cover designs, interior formatting, and copyediting services to enhance the overall quality and appeal of your work, ensuring it meets the highest standards in the industry.

Author Involvement: Our authors actively participate in all production aspects, from contributing book cover design ideas to editing and marketing their work, ensuring their creative vision is fully realized.

Captive Audience: We integrate the authors' followers and audience into our network, aligning our promotional efforts with your theirs. Our dedicated author and book pages on the WildBlue Press website are a powerful platform to maximize your exposure to a broader audience.

Comprehensive Support: Throughout the publishing journey, we offer extensive assistance covering acquisitions, marketing, sales, and accounting, equipping our authors with the essential tools for success. Our commitment to ongoing book and author support extends beyond the typical "here today, gone tomorrow" approach of many publishers.

Expedited Production Timeline: The time between receiving the completed manuscript (ready for editing) and publication can be as short as four months.

Top-Notch Online Marketing: Our online marketing and advertising efforts encourage author participation, ensuring your book reaches its target audience effectively.

Multiple Formats: Our titles are published in paperback, hardback, eBook, and audiobook formats, with distribution through Amazon and Ingram, making your work accessible to individuals, bookstores, and libraries alike.

In-House Agent: We have an in-house agent dedicated to assisting with film and TV deals, potentially bringing your book to both the big and small screen.


Ready to Join Our Ranks?

If you're passionate about true crime and have a story to tell, we want to hear from you. Submit your manuscript or proposal today and take the first step towards becoming a part of the WildBlue Press family. We prioritize submissions from previously published authors, experienced journalists, and those with a personal story or unique angle. However, we welcome all submissions, including those from first-time authors.

Begin Your Journey with WildBlue Press

If everything you've read above aligns with what you seek in a publishing company, and you are eager to actively engage in our marketing and promotion initiatives, please proceed with the following steps for consideration:

  1. Download and fill out this Publishing Request Form.
  2. Also, fill out the form below.
  3. Zip your materials up in a folder. Include the completed Publishing Request Form (required) and your manuscript (sample chapters or previous writing samples in the case of not yet completed manuscripts).
  4. Click "Choose File" or "Browse" to attach the zipped-up folder.
  5. Submit!

If you don't attach the completed Publishing Request Form, then your submission may be ignored.

    Have you been previously published?

    What is the status of your social media or newsletter list platform?

    IMPORTANT: The attachment you add below MUST include the completed Publishing Request Form that you downloaded and completed from the link above, otherwise your submission will be ignored. If you want to send a manuscript then zip them both up and attach the zip file.


    “Thank you, WBP, for taking my manuscript and turning it into a professional, high-quality book with a cover design that catches the eye… With almost 200 Amazon reviews, my book is getting read. Thank you for taking a chance on a first-time author.”
    —Leslie Ghiglieri, Literary Titan Award winning author

    “WildBlue Press is redefining what a publisher should be, with a level of personal support and interaction with their authors that the established houses could never achieve. American publishing is changing dramatically, and WildBlue is in the forefront.”
    —John J. Nance, New York Times bestselling author

    “WildBlue Press has risen to an amazing status within the industry…”
    —Sharlene Martin, President, Martin Literary

    “They are innovative, author-friendly, and take a fresh, forward-thinking approach to the industry.”
    Chip MacGregor, President, MacGregor Literary Inc.

    “WildBlue Press [is] one of the most innovative new publishing ventures in America.”
    —Ron Franscell, Edgar nominated, multiple award-winning author

    “I’ve had books published by diverse publishers, each had its strong points, but Wild Blue Press devotes more time and energy to promoting their authors and the connection between writers and readers than any other publisher… They are a dynamic, progressive, ethical, and admirable contemporary publisher.”
    —Burl Barer, Edgar Award winner, New York Times bestselling author

    “WildBlue’s nimble, professional staff gave smart, high-quality support… expertly tapping social media, podcasts, and other venues to spread the word near and far.”
    —Katherine Ellison, Pulitzer Prize winning author

    “[T]heir professionalism, thoroughness, and attention to detail through every aspect of the process was of a quality equal to any I have ever experienced.”
    —Robert Dodge, author and historian

    “I had the good providence to finally sign with WildBlue Press, which I judge to be the most creative and productive publishing house it’s ever been my privilege to work with. WildBlue Press specializes in stellar story development with the author and excellent author support with vastly superior marketing programs to any company that has published me henceforth. Gazing down the road, I hope WildBlue Press remains my premier publishing house as long as I continue to produce premier works. In short, I consider myself privileged to be published by WildBlue Press, which I consider the most intelligent and provocative publishing house in the worldwide publishing empire.”
    —James Byron Huggins, international bestselling author

    “They communicate clearly, and from the beginning, they’ve responded quickly and thoughtfully to my (numerous) questions. I appreciate their insights into the trade, and they do a great job promoting all of their authors.”
    —Craig Holt, award-winning author

    “Having a publisher such as WildBlue Press has been, for me, a godsend. To be able to bring my readers—old and new—the stories I feel are worthy of their time and money… WildBlue, run by people who understand genre, and, most importantly, what readers want within a contemporary context.”
    —M. William Phelps, New York Times bestselling author

    “After your excellent Kindle promotion… I watched the book shoot all the way up the Amazon Sales Rank to a high of 454; It also placed #1 in three categories…”
    —Robert Davidson, bestselling author

    “Wildblue Press should be the new business model for authors. I’ve never been treated so well on matters large or small that are part of the publishing process. Wildblue Press knows what they’re doing, and it is a relief to have a book in their hands.
    Rebecca Morris, New York Times bestselling author

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